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Lightning Sensor v4 Specs

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Get beautiful lightning pictures with our high quality lightning trigger!

Lightning Sensor V4

Trigger for Lightning photography

Best strong points :

Extremly quick time response : lagtime 1.6 µs

Oustanding sensitivity : full daylight, twilight, and night time operation

High precision and stability

Very easy to use

Dust, rain splashes waterproof - IP56 Standard

Each unit fully tested before shipping

100% made in France


Our ultra efficient LIGHTNING SENSOR V4 trigger has been especially designed for daytime, twilight, and night-time lightning capture !


Coupled to the wired remote release port, it will trigger your camera as soon as a lightning is detected. 


The LIGHTNING SENSOR V4 is the fastest trigger ever made, with a lagtime of only 1.6 µs !


Ultra sensitive, the sensor is able to detect, as an example, an invisible intercloud lightning, and that, even in broad daylight !


It has a "PF" function which, once activated, significantly decreases your camera's lagtime.  

PF function is offered as a manually switching because is it the ONLY SINGLE WAY to really decrease your camera's lagtime before a lightning appears (unlike an automatic activation which would be totally innefficient since activated after the lightning detection)


The whole device is dust and rain splashes waterproof (IP56 Standard).


The LIGHTNING SENSOR V4 mounts onto your camera's flash shoe (ISO518 Standard) and connects to your camera via the supplied release cable.


Power supply is done with a standard  9V Duracel alkaline battery (supplied) and consumption is very weak (Battery life of several months).


100% made in France, with a solid, conscientious design, the LIGHTNING SENSOR V4 is compatible with all cameras having a wired remote release port (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Leica, Fuji, etc), as well as ultra high speed movie cameras (via BNC cable, by request).



Since 2017 Aug : In order to obtain unequaled reliability and precision, our LIGHTNING SENSOR V4 is, from now on, built around a high quality Gold plated PCboard.


Technical specifications :

Power : 9 Volts standard alkaline battery, included

Detection spectrum : Infra-Red and Visible

Lagtime : 1.6µs

Trigger duration : 500 ms (allows high speed burst captures)

Daytime detection range : 60 Km (35 miles)

Night-time detection range : 40 Km (25 miles)

Waterproof (dust and rain splashes - IP56 Standard)

Cable length : about 25cm (about 10 inches)

Isolation between camera and Lightning Sensor v4 : 7500V 

Mount system : flash shoe (ISO518) with blocking snap ring

Size (L x l x H): 119 x 68 x 24 mm (4.6 x 2.75 x 1.0 inches)

Weight : 180 g


User Manual :

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Overall presentation :

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